About Prof Aliche


Fellow of the society of metaphysicians, (FSM), England, fellow of the metaphysical research group (FMRG), England, fellow of the chattered institute of administrators, (FCIA), fellow of the association of Nigerian authors, (FANA), Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Administrative Management, (FNIAM), and fellow of the concept Research Association, Texas, USA.

On the occasion Of his being honored with the award of Fellow, Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN) by the association at Abia State Polytechnic Aba Date 14th October, 2009


It is indeed a rare and enviable opportunity to be called upon to read a citation of Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche, a personality whose achievements in diverse fields of endeavour cannot be adequately chronicled within the space of time allotted to this august ceremony. For this is a figure, who like the Iroko tree stands out with a girt and height that few trees possess. An intellectual comet, whose appearance comes once in a century, he has emblazoned the skyline of knowledge, thinking, research and teaching leaving no one in doubt of his presence in the orbit of time.

Like Albert Schweitzer, the celebrated French Clergyman, philosopher, physician, musician, scholar and writer, he has truly conquered and pushed further the frontiers of knowledge. He has studied, researched, taught, written and published his findings, leaving the imprints of his knowledge on the library shelves and university classroom audiences across the globe so much that he has been recognized as the most prolific writer in Africa by both the United States University of Science and Philosophy and the Philosophical Research Society.

In the business arena, Prof. Aliche, like a young eagle has soared above the highest trees and hilltops, ever scenting for the highest points and peaks on which to make his nests, lay his eggs and hatch his birdings.

Born fifty years ago, Aliche shares the birth year as our great country, Nigeria. Born in Umuoha Autonomous Community in Isiala Ngwa Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria, Prof. Aliche seems to have cut his teeth a little too early in his quest for knowledge, truth, philosophy, the meaning of existence and the essence of life. Enquires to his teachers/lecturers at both the primary, secondary and tertiary levels reveal how he consistently stunned them like boy Jesus with questions on life, source of life, origin of man, the purpose of the presence of man on earth, the creating force and many more issues that fail to agitate even adults and mature minds. Those early signs of serious enquiring mind have today blossomed into researches that have firmly planted him as a world honoured member in the circle of students and teachers of metaphysics.