Bring Out The Christ In You.


One of the most mystifying being in creation is the unique entity known and called man. Among all creations, he occupies a significant position. This is why both religion and science describe him as the hero of all ages. He is respected as a Millicent and as the powerful star of the Northern wisdom.

In this respect, we can see that man is God when he brings out the Christ in him. Doing this is the sole factor that will position him as the controller general and the perfect commander who is divinely designed to head all creations. Man is precious to God. He is a valid and valued virtue. He is a supreme diamond. He is the greatest art among all the arts of God. For this reason God does not count man’s sins and lapses. In the same way, he is not tired of man. This not withstanding, man must be guided to know that God is a jealous master.

It is a pity that we have not worked hard nor desired to look at the mysticism of man, as it relates to the scriptural injunction “let us create man in our own image. A spiritual look at this statement from God himself shows that man is a balanced image of God, truly and faithfully created to perform the will of God and to be happy in his ecosystem, which is perfectly built to accommodate him and his empires. This is why the wisdom of God is both mysterious and un-quantifiable. It is unfortunate that man applies his wisdom in the creation on fleeting arts. Man’s concepts and desires do not synchronize with the spiritual principles, which are meant to guide him.

The creation of man is not a mistake but a joyous jubilee, which even up to this moment of man’s evolutionary trend has not made God to have any regrets. God is the Holy Alpha and the perfect Omega, whose arts are enduring and balanced. It is a pity that man has been living and practicing arts that do not show him as an image of God. He fails to realize that he owes himself, the universe and God a duty to bring out the Christ in him, which is the only act that will consummate him as a living Iliad and the head of all creation.

Man in earnest cannot be said to have done well in all his transactions as to justify the purpose for which he has been created. He has invented so many things but he has refused to invent himself. The task of discovering his true self as a spiritual entity remains the greatest pilgrim for him to perform. In this respect, the purpose for which man is created remains mystically symbolic before God and spiritually irreversible. This is why and where man stands distinctly, as a metaphysical pilgrim who is in search of his eternal home and at the same time looking unto that day for his spiritual banquet which will serve and provide him with the heavenly and celestial safari.

The history of man’s creation has remained one of the greatest stories of life. The creation of man by God is a perfect history. A lot of schools of thought with a wider philosophical dimension describe God as the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent; the Be all and End all; the road where there is no road, the biggest light to small lights, the creator of big and small, and the sweetest name that is above all names.

A deep study about God reveals that man has not spiritually developed himself to attain an adequate definition of God. In the waves lie the secrets of all creations. The meaning of this is that in the spirit world, God is there, in the animal kingdom He is there, at the mountain peaks He is there. He is permanent at the firmaments. He is life eternal. He is the Hope of today, the faith of tomorrow, the bread of life, the Oil of the soul and a perfect and balanced comforter to all situations. In him and from him must all creations come from and return to. This illuminates the fact that in the beginning was God and at the end is God. He remains God; who knows wisely and purposefully how to create enduring arts with balanced management and mutual transactions.

He is blessed because He is the father and author of all blessings. He who knows him knows everything. He who lacks him lacks everything. This is why he is humbly described as the perfect Mirror of life and the unfailing light of the universe.

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