Using Your Gift To Help Others

Using Your Gift To Help Others


In the life of everyman, we discover that there are peculiar or rare qualities that make people what they are. In most cases, qualities, which are not wholly used by man, have turned to be gingers and harbingers to the discovery of our destiny. We discover that a lot of people appear to be on the fast lane, with immeasurable resources more than others. This is why we see some people doing better and performing creditably than others.using_ur_gift

A lot of positive forces are at work in order to make this possible and feasible. However one thing that is glaring is that genius is inherent in everyone, but the task and choice of developing it depends on how hardworking the individual is.

In giving a definition of what a gift is we must look up to God who is the supreme architect of all creations and the perfect giver of all gifts. It is clearly stated in the Bible that: in my father’s house, there are many mansions. In the book of Mathew 7:7-10, the Messiah of all messiahs says: ask and is shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. These celestial maxims are great challenges and at the same time, mystical admonitions to man. It is unfortunate that mankind has refuse to be transformed in order to be a composite Millicent from Godhead, who is the beginning of all and the end all; who knows how best to bless man abundantly.

Gifts are special talents from God, bestowed on individuals to use for the services of humanity in order to better the one-world family for the happiness of mankind and to the glory of God.

It is a pity that humans are no longer using and employing the gifts of God to the happiness of mankind. We need to know why humans are no longer using and employing the gift of God in accordance with spiritual and human laws. The wrong use of our gift is the cause of poverty, sickness, lack, war, and fear of biological / chemical weapons which are threatening the lives of humans and the civilization of the present and future generations. Man needs an urgent education of who God is and the purpose for his gifts and when we do that we can know better their applications.

It is a pity that we have not sat down to analyze and to ask ourselves these humble questions:

Why are God’s gifts irrevocable?

Why is God not tired of man?

These questions should serve as admonitions to man. They also will provide the necessary spiritual energy for him to understand that we must be our brother’s keeper. We must perform all those art that are in accordance with the law of God, for there is no other way we can be useful to a fellow man and the entire civilization beside using our gifts to help and serve others. This is principally in conformity with truth, which is universal, and enduring. It is a task that any man who truly discovers his spiritual gifts and their purposes should eternally remain grateful to God.

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