What Makes Great Men


Greatness which is a spiritual gift from God has remained one of the virtues which values the rhythm and tedium of hard work. A lot of people do not understand that greatness even when self bestowed requires a high level of commitment, discipline, devotion, zero tolerance with empathic patience, before it could be made manifest.

There are a lot of institutions which attack a man on his way to the mountain peak. These institutions are naturally galvanized in providing a ladder by which he can climb without looking for supporters.

Every great man at any point in time is usually confronted with challenges which may originate from his immediate family, the environment which he operates and the hazards of life which are daily seen in our chaotic environment. Again, friendly disappointment to trust, including untimely death particularly to our benefactors can be a detriment which attacks the institution of greatness.

A lot of great men have always spent part of their time in imprisonment in order to restore freedom to their people and in cause of divine intervention, few of them have emerged from prison to presidency.

Living example of such humans can be seen in the likes of Nelson Mandela who was incarcerated for many years by the wicked apartheid government. The military province which Obasanjo lives as an immortal emeritus equally swallowed him into a dangerous incarceration for reasons best known to that province.

These two great Africans can always be defined as humans who achieved greatness through the power of politics.
There are other vices of greatness which can be seen in the industry, academia, engineering, philosophy religious sectors to mention but a few. But who is considered in this context as a true great man is one whose life and times is fully dedicated to the service of God and humanity and whose positive and purpose driven life affects others practically and purposefully.

A look at the quantum of facts and figures that are contained in this book will certainly agree that great men are truly servants, they are by their nature the maker of great laws and in them are found divine qualities which include:

a) Humility
b) Politeness
c) Simplicity
d) Honesty
e) Being truthful at all times
f) Charitable attitude
g) Humanitarian life
h) Always available to submit to the will of God and the people.

Great men are usually humans with indomitable faith, people with a high level of destiny, men and women who are nurtured and natured with the use and application of endurance which is the pivot of success. Their lifestyle at any point in time remains an olive tree and an impeccable character that is married with love and peace.

A look at the life and times of such great emengards like Jesus the Christ, Plato, Lao Tez, Buddha including all that fall under the canopy of the twelve world teachers shows that in them are contained divine powers with quality life which they exhibit and use in reforming and transforming others.

It is in the philosophy of this book to practically explain that an honest and dependable vulcanizer is a great man, a church warden, a cleaner, a house help etc. This is to say that greatness does not lie solely on one’s occupation or vocation. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, one can be great. All those that are interested in making others realize that God has not forgotten them, equally fall under this category.

In earnest, the purpose of this book is to make humans to appreciate that no one person is an island. This is why no one can live alone. The purpose for which the Creator paired his creations in an electrifying way is for humans to appreciate the value of others and to understand that great arts at any point in time are simple, humble, perfect and purpose driven.

What makes great men as the title of a book is presenting a psychological guide with a philosophical concept which will help humanity in appreciating that the essence of honest life lies in being a dependable and practical servant who will always take instructions from his Creator in order to show with divine appreciation that God can always lift up a beggar with the love, co-operation and assistance of a fellow man.

It is here that we are greatly mandated to take, treat and to think about others as we do ourselves and to appreciate that greatness lies in the practical utilization of divine virtues which values a man as a milicentia asset.

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