What Makes Great Men

INTRODUCTION Greatness which is a spiritual gift from God has remained one of the virtues which values the rhythm and tedium of hard work. A lot of people do not understand that greatness even when self bestowed requires a high level of commitment, discipline, devotion, zero tolerance with empathic patience, before it could be made […]

With Love All Works Are Easy

INTRODUCTION The urgent necessity of love as a business companion is not greatly known by man since the dawn of consciousness. This is why in vain we labour without love, which is a spiritual ingredient that will make all works easy, kind, understanding and peaceful. It is only love that will reduce the strenuous energy […]

Bring Out The Christ In You.

Introduction One of the most mystifying being in creation is the unique entity known and called manĀ. Among all creations, he occupies a significant position. This is why both religion and science describe him as the hero of all ages. He is respected as a Millicent and as the powerful star of the Northern wisdom. […]

Using Your Gift To Help Others

Using Your Gift To Help Others Introduction In the life of everyman, we discover that there are peculiar or rare qualities that make people what they are. In most cases, qualities, which are not wholly used by man, have turned to be gingers and harbingers to the discovery of our destiny. We discover that a […]