Dr Aliche

Using Your Gift To Help Others


In the life of everyman, we discover that there are peculiar or rare qualities that make people what they are. In most cases, qualities, which are not wholly used by man, have turned to be gingers and harbingers to the discovery of our destiny. We discover that a lot of people appear to be on the fast lane, with immeasurable resources more than others. This is why we see some people doing better and performing creditably than others.using_ur_gift

A lot of positive forces are at work in order to make this possible and feasible. However one thing that is glaring is that genius is inherent in everyone, but the task and choice of developing it depends on how hardworking the individual is.

In giving a definition of what a gift is we must look up to God who is the supreme architect of all creations and the perfect giver of all gifts. It is clearly stated in the Bible that: in my father’s house, there are many mansions. In the book of Mathew 7:7-10, the Messiah of all messiahs says: ask and is shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. These celestial maxims are great challenges and at the same time, mystical admonitions to man. It is unfortunate that mankind has refuse to be transformed in order to be a composite Millicent from Godhead, who is the beginning of all and the end all; who knows how best to bless man abundantly.

Gifts are special talents from God, bestowed on individuals to use for the services of humanity in order to better the one-world family for the happiness of mankind and to the glory of God.

It is a pity that humans are no longer using and employing the gifts of God to the happiness of mankind. We need to know why humans are no longer using and employing the gift of God in accordance with spiritual and human laws. The wrong use of our gift is the cause of poverty, sickness, lack, war, and fear of biological / chemical weapons which are threatening the lives of humans and the civilization of the present and future generations. Man needs an urgent education of who God is and the purpose for his gifts and when we do that we can know better their applications.

It is a pity that we have not sat down to analyze and to ask ourselves these humble questions:

Why are God’s gifts irrevocable?

Why is God not tired of man?

These questions should serve as admonitions to man. They also will provide the necessary spiritual energy for him to understand that we must be our brother’s keeper. We must perform all those art that are in accordance with the law of God, for there is no other way we can be useful to a fellow man and the entire civilization beside using our gifts to help and serve others. This is principally in conformity with truth, which is universal, and enduring. It is a task that any man who truly discovers his spiritual gifts and their purposes should eternally remain grateful to God.


Bring Out The Christ In You.


One of the most mystifying being in creation is the unique entity known and called man. Among all creations, he occupies a significant position. This is why both religion and science describe him as the hero of all ages. He is respected as a Millicent and as the powerful star of the Northern wisdom.

In this respect, we can see that man is God when he brings out the Christ in him. Doing this is the sole factor that will position him as the controller general and the perfect commander who is divinely designed to head all creations. Man is precious to God. He is a valid and valued virtue. He is a supreme diamond. He is the greatest art among all the arts of God. For this reason God does not count man’s sins and lapses. In the same way, he is not tired of man. This not withstanding, man must be guided to know that God is a jealous master.

It is a pity that we have not worked hard nor desired to look at the mysticism of man, as it relates to the scriptural injunction “let us create man in our own image. A spiritual look at this statement from God himself shows that man is a balanced image of God, truly and faithfully created to perform the will of God and to be happy in his ecosystem, which is perfectly built to accommodate him and his empires. This is why the wisdom of God is both mysterious and un-quantifiable. It is unfortunate that man applies his wisdom in the creation on fleeting arts. Man’s concepts and desires do not synchronize with the spiritual principles, which are meant to guide him.

The creation of man is not a mistake but a joyous jubilee, which even up to this moment of man’s evolutionary trend has not made God to have any regrets. God is the Holy Alpha and the perfect Omega, whose arts are enduring and balanced. It is a pity that man has been living and practicing arts that do not show him as an image of God. He fails to realize that he owes himself, the universe and God a duty to bring out the Christ in him, which is the only act that will consummate him as a living Iliad and the head of all creation.

Man in earnest cannot be said to have done well in all his transactions as to justify the purpose for which he has been created. He has invented so many things but he has refused to invent himself. The task of discovering his true self as a spiritual entity remains the greatest pilgrim for him to perform. In this respect, the purpose for which man is created remains mystically symbolic before God and spiritually irreversible. This is why and where man stands distinctly, as a metaphysical pilgrim who is in search of his eternal home and at the same time looking unto that day for his spiritual banquet which will serve and provide him with the heavenly and celestial safari.

The history of man’s creation has remained one of the greatest stories of life. The creation of man by God is a perfect history. A lot of schools of thought with a wider philosophical dimension describe God as the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent; the Be all and End all; the road where there is no road, the biggest light to small lights, the creator of big and small, and the sweetest name that is above all names.

A deep study about God reveals that man has not spiritually developed himself to attain an adequate definition of God. In the waves lie the secrets of all creations. The meaning of this is that in the spirit world, God is there, in the animal kingdom He is there, at the mountain peaks He is there. He is permanent at the firmaments. He is life eternal. He is the Hope of today, the faith of tomorrow, the bread of life, the Oil of the soul and a perfect and balanced comforter to all situations. In him and from him must all creations come from and return to. This illuminates the fact that in the beginning was God and at the end is God. He remains God; who knows wisely and purposefully how to create enduring arts with balanced management and mutual transactions.

He is blessed because He is the father and author of all blessings. He who knows him knows everything. He who lacks him lacks everything. This is why he is humbly described as the perfect Mirror of life and the unfailing light of the universe.


With Love All Works Are Easy


The urgent necessity of love as a business companion is not greatly known by man since the dawn of consciousness.

This is why in vain we labour without love, which is a spiritual ingredient that will make all works easy, kind, understanding and peaceful. It is only love that will reduce the strenuous energy wasted in labour in the course and process of work. It is sad to know that humans are utilized in the industries and other business areas without the masters and the law applying and employing love as human beings are been employed in their industries, factories, farms, offices to name but a few. The resultant effect of this has been hatred between the masters and the labourers, wanton destruction and the spirit of the brotherhood of man is adversely thrown to the dust.

It is appalling to observe that the global family has not known the worth, works, values and virtues of love. This is why our desire to appreciate the wisdom of love appears minimal. This book is going to serve as an inspirator with the electrifying power of love and why love is important in our human and spiritual relationship. We must work to be paid and the payment must be with love, trust honesty and sincerity so that our labour will not be in vain.

It is on this note that one is placed at the proximity of truth which has it’s natural origin in love, to give the one world family this inspired work which is necessitated on the fact that globally works are done with anger, hatred, injustice and all these has affected universal balance and the growth processes in humans scientifically appears to be stunted. This is why labour and master relationship is critically infected with distrust, disrespect and wanton violation of ethical principles which has greatly supported and increased human degeneration against regeneration.

It is believed that millions of people globally that will come across this book will sincerely appreciate and apply the natural philosophy which is an exposition for all and sundry to adopt and accept that with love all works are easy.


What Makes Great Men


Greatness which is a spiritual gift from God has remained one of the virtues which values the rhythm and tedium of hard work. A lot of people do not understand that greatness even when self bestowed requires a high level of commitment, discipline, devotion, zero tolerance with empathic patience, before it could be made manifest.

There are a lot of institutions which attack a man on his way to the mountain peak. These institutions are naturally galvanized in providing a ladder by which he can climb without looking for supporters.

Every great man at any point in time is usually confronted with challenges which may originate from his immediate family, the environment which he operates and the hazards of life which are daily seen in our chaotic environment. Again, friendly disappointment to trust, including untimely death particularly to our benefactors can be a detriment which attacks the institution of greatness.

A lot of great men have always spent part of their time in imprisonment in order to restore freedom to their people and in cause of divine intervention, few of them have emerged from prison to presidency.

Living example of such humans can be seen in the likes of Nelson Mandela who was incarcerated for many years by the wicked apartheid government. The military province which Obasanjo lives as an immortal emeritus equally swallowed him into a dangerous incarceration for reasons best known to that province.

These two great Africans can always be defined as humans who achieved greatness through the power of politics.
There are other vices of greatness which can be seen in the industry, academia, engineering, philosophy religious sectors to mention but a few. But who is considered in this context as a true great man is one whose life and times is fully dedicated to the service of God and humanity and whose positive and purpose driven life affects others practically and purposefully.

A look at the quantum of facts and figures that are contained in this book will certainly agree that great men are truly servants, they are by their nature the maker of great laws and in them are found divine qualities which include:

a) Humility
b) Politeness
c) Simplicity
d) Honesty
e) Being truthful at all times
f) Charitable attitude
g) Humanitarian life
h) Always available to submit to the will of God and the people.

Great men are usually humans with indomitable faith, people with a high level of destiny, men and women who are nurtured and natured with the use and application of endurance which is the pivot of success. Their lifestyle at any point in time remains an olive tree and an impeccable character that is married with love and peace.

A look at the life and times of such great emengards like Jesus the Christ, Plato, Lao Tez, Buddha including all that fall under the canopy of the twelve world teachers shows that in them are contained divine powers with quality life which they exhibit and use in reforming and transforming others.

It is in the philosophy of this book to practically explain that an honest and dependable vulcanizer is a great man, a church warden, a cleaner, a house help etc. This is to say that greatness does not lie solely on one’s occupation or vocation. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, one can be great. All those that are interested in making others realize that God has not forgotten them, equally fall under this category.

In earnest, the purpose of this book is to make humans to appreciate that no one person is an island. This is why no one can live alone. The purpose for which the Creator paired his creations in an electrifying way is for humans to appreciate the value of others and to understand that great arts at any point in time are simple, humble, perfect and purpose driven.

What makes great men as the title of a book is presenting a psychological guide with a philosophical concept which will help humanity in appreciating that the essence of honest life lies in being a dependable and practical servant who will always take instructions from his Creator in order to show with divine appreciation that God can always lift up a beggar with the love, co-operation and assistance of a fellow man.

It is here that we are greatly mandated to take, treat and to think about others as we do ourselves and to appreciate that greatness lies in the practical utilization of divine virtues which values a man as a milicentia asset.



My Beloved son Anthony Ugo. O. Aliche is another foundry of my late husband, Dr. Walter Russell who is domineeringly designated as our modern Learnado Da Vinci.




“You most certainly are an ‘ordained author’! Indeed you are creating a museum of knowledge for the balanced wisdom of posterity. The key word is BALANCE. As we both know, we are living in a most un-balanced world of man/woman thinking and lack of higher consciousness.”




Only an Adept of the author’s status would convincingly inject fresh interpretations to existing mathematical and philosophical functions and symbolism as has been done in this book. In doing so, he guides us to the obvious and incontrovertible conclusion of the indispensability of this field in the created world of the past, present and future. He links the concept of the solution of human problems and in so doing guarantees the continuous relevance, utility and applicability of the discipline of philosophical mathematics.

Perhaps the most significant merit of this book is its originality. The author does a minimum of quoting from others. He generates much of the information which is amazingly exotic and therefore can be derived only from the supernatural realm or inspired sources. Not many authors are so gifted!





Your book What Makes Great Men is on the top list, I have gone through it, it is inspiring. Maintain that spirit.





I surely know that you must be the most published author of Africa! Most importantly is your continuous effort to awaken and enlighten humanity to the power of loving one another and the giving of loving service to our fellow man/woman!

I have looked at your website and feel a higher level of appreciation for your love of humanity. We both are committed to the unending effort to raise the consciousness of our fellow world citizens to a new way of thinking and acting in our affairs of living life.




Your works are to restore the dignity of man and they are destined for global acknowledgement. Climbing top list in Abuja is a sign of the avalanche of global recognition, that world fellow, this selfless and cerebral author of our time. Congrats Sir, Dear Mentor



I am an adept of your series and I will remain grateful to my friend, who bought me a copy of your work- Whose Vessel are You. It dawned on me more that I could be an empty vessel and I really understood what it means to be a true vessel. I decided for real, that I will be a vessel of gold, that is meet for the Master’s use.

Remain blessed Sir, you are a true Vessel




Prof. Aliche, you are a genius of the highest order! In all my life as an IT specialist, I have not seen this type of interpretation of Information technology and Information Communication Technology.

It is a great work.




Prof., the Northerners in the Cabinet of Kastina State Government, Gov. Shehu Shema are in love with your articles on Metaphysics.





I know you must certainly be an authority in different fields of human endeavour. I encourage and congratulate your dynamic wisdom in exploring the boundless world.

All of us at the World Headquarters are grateful to honour and designate you as our new Nigerian Chairman and to supervise the metaphysical activities in other countries of Africa.




You are indeed an excellent and brilliant friend whose vast knowledge of nature with its dynamism requires to be understudied.



Aliche has shown the world, that he is a true and perfect breed of the Russellian scientist/philosopher whose achievements in favour of posterity must certainly dazzle his contemporaries.





Aliche Anthony U is an illumined mystic from the East. I respect the comprehensiveness of his gifted ingenuity particularly his rare gift of considering everybody as one.




My esteemed friend Anthony U. O. Aliche is best designated as a rare gift to humanity including living a life that appears unequalled in our present chaotic age. To God be the glory for the esteem of his universal intelligence




After studying What is Beyond Truth on my visit to Nigeria, I discovered that great talents are found in this humble and largest populated country of Africa.

I invite noble souls who appreciate the wisdom of truth to buy this book, study and analyze it in order to appreciate that nothing truly is beyond truth.



Your books are greatly natural and inspiring. After studying the Mystical Powers of Our Lord’s Prayer, I was personally inspired to honour the wisdom of the Celestial Sanctum. Thank God for your person

Nick Helen

South Africa


My great friend is a gifted and rare scholar of our race. I respect and love him with particularly for his humility, honesty, intelligence with an accomplished purpose-driven life




Prof. Aliche must indeed be a mobile Britannica!

A participant at the Garden City literary Festival held

At Presidential Hotel, Sept 12-17th, 2011


You are indeed a blessing to our nation.

I bought your work Honey is Health from Ogbete Market. This book is great, I have never heard of Honey this way before!




Nnana Aliche,

You are born great. Many were not aware, others know this truth but refused to accept. Your life to the service of humanity will be rewarded not only on earth but eternal. Amen




The Healing Powers Of Honey

Health is one the greatest needs of man. It is practically said to be wealth when its functions are simultaneously applied as designed by Mother Nature.

There is need to write a work with the caption: The Healing Powers of Honey because apart from honey being health, it has been immeasurably discovered that it is wealth. If honey is health as contained in one of our fast selling books, it is objective and practical that honey is also wealth.powers_of_honey_200

In presenting this work from the abundance of nature’s resourceful garden, the concept of honey will be treated under what could be accepted as the anatomy of health with a greater reference to Entomological studies. It will equally look into the philosophy of honey in respect to what it is, its origin, philosophical and orthodox properties; honey as a spiritual tonic, as a mystical and natural medicine and the argument about its sugar content which in the opinion of truth is being developed by the uninformed orthodoxy on the realities of honey as not containing chemicalized sugar.

This book will greatly discuss and digest with scientific dissection the urgent necessities of advancing the study of Bees as a way and means of creating national and economic empowerment from the abundant resources of nature which warehouses HONEY that is designated as wealth, health and life.

The introduction must capture the urgent necessity of advancing the utilization of honey both for domestic usage and industrial consumption.

It will equally disabuse the minds of the generality of the public about its harmful effects and purported toxicity. This is why the ovation on the work entitled: Honey is Health is necessary to be upgraded beyond the present stage.

References will certainly be drawn from the Scriptures in favour of honey with its medicinal importance and other health journals and encyclopedias some of which treated it to the best of my conviction on the periphery. This will help to illustrate and buttress its spiritual values.

We will equally explain the greatness of honey and particularly the urgent necessity of using bees to cleanse and protect our environment, which is beyond the science of Entomology, Animal and Agricultural science with its economic development hence this is a handbook that will serve posterity as a-must-read and a-must-have.

The greater aspect of our information on the healing powers of honey shall be drawn from the abundant bank of inspiration, which has greatly served us as a business necessity. Inspiration has provided an immeasurable action by which our little knowledge and wisdom has been well effected in motivating others.

It is in the interest of nature to explain with scientific revelation that honey is not only a lead-way to life and health; it is equally a natural medicine. This is why its powers and importance are beyond the medicine of the sun and moon.
As Plutonus stated, there is need to explain that the human fibre is a composition of honey.TEM6

This is why Mozart concluded that 50% of human blood has been proved to be honey naturally instilled and installed in the relativity of human pathology, psychology and chemistry. He modified his statement when he also said that human biorhythm can best be obtained in the absolute examination of the content of natural honey.

Paracelus, in his illumined wisdom with eloquent contribution stated that people with little intelligence and myopic vision are those that have contaminated the honey content in their chemistry either by occupational hazards, or their style of life, which includes their relativity with the environment and diets.

A work to treat the healing powers of honey must reveal and review that Honey is Health. Any objective and positive life that is lived with honey promotes good health, which in turn produces objective and balanced longevity.

It is here that the book becomes an important and cardinal issue that will bring a scientific empowerment in our health system particularly in our present Scientific Age where material imbalance has enmitied man’s affairs into a dangerous chaoticism. Efforts must be made to ensure that this work will serve man and the global universe as a Health Insurance Scheme.


Fellow of the society of metaphysicians, (FSM), England, fellow of the metaphysical research group (FMRG), England, fellow of the chattered institute of administrators, (FCIA), fellow of the association of Nigerian authors, (FANA), Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Administrative Management, (FNIAM), and fellow of the concept Research Association, Texas, USA.

On the occasion Of his being honored with the award of Fellow, Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN) by the association at Abia State Polytechnic Aba Date 14th October, 2009


It is indeed a rare and enviable opportunity to be called upon to read a citation of Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche, a personality whose achievements in diverse fields of endeavour cannot be adequately chronicled within the space of time allotted to this august ceremony. For this is a figure, who like the Iroko tree stands out with a girt and height that few trees possess. An intellectual comet, whose appearance comes once in a century, he has emblazoned the skyline of knowledge, thinking, research and teaching leaving no one in doubt of his presence in the orbit of time.

Like Albert Schweitzer, the celebrated French Clergyman, philosopher, physician, musician, scholar and writer, he has truly conquered and pushed further the frontiers of knowledge. He has studied, researched, taught, written and published his findings, leaving the imprints of his knowledge on the library shelves and university classroom audiences across the globe so much that he has been recognized as the most prolific writer in Africa by both the United States University of Science and Philosophy and the Philosophical Research Society.

In the business arena, Prof. Aliche, like a young eagle has soared above the highest trees and hilltops, ever scenting for the highest points and peaks on which to make his nests, lay his eggs and hatch his birdings.

Born fifty years ago, Aliche shares the birth year as our great country, Nigeria. Born in Umuoha Autonomous Community in Isiala Ngwa Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria, Prof. Aliche seems to have cut his teeth a little too early in his quest for knowledge, truth, philosophy, the meaning of existence and the essence of life. Enquires to his teachers/lecturers at both the primary, secondary and tertiary levels reveal how he consistently stunned them like boy Jesus with questions on life, source of life, origin of man, the purpose of the presence of man on earth, the creating force and many more issues that fail to agitate even adults and mature minds. Those early signs of serious enquiring mind have today blossomed into researches that have firmly planted him as a world honoured member in the circle of students and teachers of metaphysics.

Outline of academic pursuits

Soon after his primary and secondary school careers at St. Mary’s Primary School, Apu-na-Ekpu and Ihie High School, Ihie respectively, all in Isiala Ngwa North between 1968 and 1980, the restless spirit and the burning quest for knowledge drove him to the Concept Therapy Institutes of Texas, USA between 1980 and 1982 from where he moved to University of Science and Philosophy in Virginia, USA


Because of Prof. Aliche’s background as a Metascientist, deeply tutored in metaphysics, and consequently seeing as indissoluble unity in the ecosystemic interactive process, his perspective to research of issues concepts and human actions seems to be periscopally adjusted. He sees what others cannot perceive and considers what others may not be willing to examine and from such integrative approach produce stunning findings.

The focus of Prof. Aliche’s research interest is diverse and therefore his publications cover a wide range of subjects which however converged to solve common human problems. Issues of research are located in the economy, socio-technical issues and problems, Politics, government and governance, science, metaphysics, religion, man and his creator, man and the element, power generation, ecological protection, etc.

Prof. Aliche’s great and deep-seated concern for the proper functioning of economy of countries has produced thought-provoking titles from his research efforts. A few of these are:

  • The need to involve the Private Sector in the Economic Development of the nation.

  • How we can use our Inherent Genius to Develop our Technology

  • The importance of Globalization in the Advancement of our Economy.

  • The Benefits of Small and Medium Scale Industries in Nigeria.

  • The Role of the Banking Sector in the Actualization of the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Proposal on the Importance of Accountability, Probity, Financial Prudence for Civil servants and Political Appointees in Nigeria.

Prof. Aliche’s solid foundation in metascience and metaphysics has produced an intimidating catalogue of both published and unpublished titles, a few of which include:

  • Metaphysics and Astral Physics. (A new cosmogony of the Astral Plane as Empowered by the Wisdom of the Rare Knowledge).

  • Mystics and challenges of mysticism.

  • The Adventure in Wisdom,

  • The Mystical Life and Priesthood of Melchizedek.

  • The World is in Need of the Universal One

  • The Encyclopedia of Metaphysics.

  • Metaphysicist Concept of Astrophysics.

  • The Mystical Anatomy of the Universe

  • Philosophy and Mysticism

  • The World is in Need of Balanced and Illumined Thinkers

  • The Wisdom of the Unseen Forces


His exploration of the scientific field has yielded several titles in science, technology and allied areas. They include:

  • The First Principle of Science (The atmosphere of the Sun and Moon with other Elemental Beings Existing at the proximity of psychic phenomenon).

  • Understanding the Dynamic Creative Process Through The Waves

  • The Demystification of Occult Engineering Technology

  • The Nature, Powers and Functions of Energy

  • The Anatomy of Marine Technology.

  • The Nature, Powers and Functions of Energy.

  • Electricity is Spirit.

  • There is Motion in Everything etc.

In the Business and Management world his Managerial acumen has produced such works as-

  • Business Management and How to Achieve Organizational Goal.

  • The Principles and Policies of Research Methodology

  • Contemporary Issues Which Determine the Dynamic Functions of Business Management

  • The Dynamics of Effective Marketing

  • Financial Management and Marketing Strategy

  • The Role of Management and Business Administration in a Competitive Environment etc.

Prof. Aliche is indeed a veritable academic giant whose scholarship exploits have One thousand three hundred and thirteen (1349) titles to his credit. Thirty-five (36) lectures and proposals presented to several universities, national and international organizations. He has Twenty six (26) books on library shelves across the world. Ready to be published are One thousand Two Hundred and Eighty seven (1287) book titles spread as fellows:

Twenty (21) books in the management and business sciences,

More than a hundred titles in philosophy, several books addressing Religion and Inspirational issues, (17) of which are seriated as WORSHIP SERIES. (44) Equally separated as WISDOM SERIES while (11) of them are dedicated to grace in GRACE SERIES.

In the area of Science and Technology, there are more than Eighty (80) books, out of which (23) are designated as the MATHEMATICAL SERIES

There are numerous addressing health issues and Prof. Aliche’s inclination towards literature produced more than hundred volumes of which (2) are Drama.

Others include works in Rare and higher sciences which are classified as ADEPT and ALCHEMICAL SERIES in which he has several titles to his credit.

Prof. Aliche in his ingenuity equally has Sixteen (16) works dedicated to the women’s world known as WOMEN SERIES and the rest spread across such other series as- NATURE, MUSIC AND MELODY, FAITH, TIME SERIES etc

People are sometimes referred to as voracious readers: I believe strongly that while an earlier description of him as the most prolific writer in Africa perfectly fits him, it would not be far from the truth if Prof. Aliche is described as a voracious African writer. The evidence is indisputable.

The Industrialist in Prof. Aliche

Mentioned earlier in the course of this citation is the fact that he has to his credit Twenty (20) books in the area of Management and Business Sciences with a central thesis of the improvement of the national economy.

Prof. Aliche has avoided acting like the proverbial signpost standing by the roadside, pointing the way to every passerby, but who refuses to move.

Prof. Aliche believes in the age-long saying that examples are better than precepts. He has to his credit six very vibrant industrial outfits established to visibly exhibit and demonstrate what he proposes in his writings. Prof. Aliche is the:

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ali Farms Nigeria Limited.

Founder, St. Anthony and Francis Hospital and Maternity Amapu, in Umuoha Autonomous Community, Isiala Ngwa North, Abia State.

Executive Director, Ugochukwu and Saints Health Services.

Director, Rosanna and Kate’s Trading Company Limited.

Founder, Truth is Universal Publishers.

Founder, the Educational Network referred to as Truth Is Universal Foundation, which awards scholarships to talented students and the founder of the educational outfit known and designated as- International Society of Metaphysicians-

This outreach of oriental studies provides people with the rare opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries of their present knowledge.

He believes in wealth creation and wealth distribution through industrialization and the generation of employment.

He continues to demonstrate this through the establishment of these industrial outfits.


Prof. Aliche’s intellectual brilliance, his achievements in research and teaching have continued to be rewarded with honours, awards, recognitions and appointments both internationally and within the shores of the country, Nigeria.

Prof. Aliche who was appointed a one-time chairman of the Society of Metaphysicians by the world headquarters, was at the international level recognized as the Best African Student of the University of Science and Philosophy of the USA. He has the awards of the Crystal Ball and the Planchette from the Metaphysical Research Group in Hastings, England, for his excellent contributions in research and other advanced psychic works. As recognition of his scholarly research works, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy Degree by the Columbus International University, Virgin Island, England.

He subsequently got listed in the WHO IS WHO book of International Age of Character Club founded by the Russells. The University of Science and Philosophy and the Philosophical Research Society, all in the USA have recognized Prof. Aliche as an ordained and most prolific writer in Africa, who is truly committed to Creating a museum of knowledge for the balanced wisdom of posterity.

As a result of deep research in several areas of which science and philosophy occupies a monumental seat, the senate and the authorities of the University of Science and Philosophy honoured him as a Professor of Science and Philosophy.

Prof. Aliche’s brilliance, intellectual and industrial achievements have attracted government recognitions accolades and appointments for him. Indeed, he has gained to himself not just a few Eagles’ Feathers for his cap! One could aptly describe his cap of recognition to be studded with whole spars of eagle wings.

He was appointed a Director to the Progress Bank in 1990. Following closely at the heels of his tenure at the Progress Bank, government appointed him a Director to Modern Ceramics Industry Nigeria Limited in 1992, and within the same year was honoured with the position of Adviser to Abia State House of Assembly and subsequently had the rare honour of being listed in a published book of Who is Who in Abia State in 1996. This was followed by another very significant recognition by the whole of Ngwa who not only listed Prof. Aliche in Ngwa book of Who is Who in Ngwa land but also described him as a most illustrious son of Ngwa land.

Prof. Aliche’s Achievements and commitment to service within the state seem to have given him the goldfish attribute. The state continues to see him and never misses an opportunity to assign him responsibilities. In 2000, Abia State appointed him Director to the World Bank Financed Community and Social Development Project (CSDP), a position he has continued to hold till today. Consequently, the many workshops, seminars and lectures organized by the World Bank to sensitize the state on poverty reduction strategies from 2001 to 2007 have continued to feature his papers and proposals.

He has also been of tremendous service to religious and civil society. He is the Life Patron to organization of Gospel Artist of the whole of our great country, Nigeria and a patron to the Nation’s Nigerian Catholic Student Association. He is the Chairman of the Works Committee of St. Anthony and Jude Catholic Parish, Aba and also a key member of the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO).

Presented to you as our guest lecturer is Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche, DSC, FSM, FMRG, FIACC, FCIA, FANA, FABEN, FNIAM, a thoroughbred illustrious son of Ngwa land, Abia State, Nigeria and a citizen of God’s world. Presented to you is an indefatigable industrialist, an achiever whose exploits return with noticeable rewards.

Presented to you at this occasion is an intellectual and academic giant, a philosophical guru and scholar of no mean measure.

Presented to you is a Metascientist and Metaphysicist whose drive to convergently apply these scientific fields to unravel the essence of God, energy, force creativity, dynamism and the scientific cosmic block is unparalleled.

Presented to you is an unusual personality of multiple and variegated credentials, a researcher, philosopher, scientist, administrator, teacher, writer and publisher who is perhaps the only known Jack of all trades and master of all.

Permit me to present Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche DSC, FSM, FMRG, FIACC, FCIA, FNIAM, FANA, FABEN an extraordinary quintessential star in African continental intellectual firmament, as today’s special guest lecturer who is known all over the world as an ordained author including being the ideal legend of our race.