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… Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche who was
appointed a one time chairman of the Society of Metaphysicians by the world headquarters, was at the international level recognized as the Best African Student of the University of Science and philosophy of the USA. He has the awards of the Crystal Ball and the Planchette from the Metaphysical Research Group in Hastings, England, for excellent contributions in research and other advanced psychic works. As recognition of his scholarly research works he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy Degree by the Columbus International University, Virgin Island, England…

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Prof. Anthony Aliche’s Recent Awards

Below are some of the award merited by Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche.


God's Gift Are Irrevocable

Since the publication of the first edition of this book, the way and manner the human race acknowledged, received and utilized it propelled an International Evangelist in the humble person ...


The Nature Of Metaphysics, To You, It Is Given To Know The Secrets Of The Kingdom, Others In Parable, (Mathew 13 Vs 11), Ask, And It Shall Be Given You; Seek, And Ye Shall Find...

Healing Power of Honey

Health is one the greatest needs of man. It is practically said to be wealth when its functions are simultaneously applied as designed by Mother Nature

Using Your Gift To Help Others

In the life of everyman, we discover that there are peculiar or rare qualities that make people what they are. In most cases, qualities, which are not wholly ...