With Love All Works Are Easy


The urgent necessity of love as a business companion is not greatly known by man since the dawn of consciousness.

This is why in vain we labour without love, which is a spiritual ingredient that will make all works easy, kind, understanding and peaceful. It is only love that will reduce the strenuous energy wasted in labour in the course and process of work. It is sad to know that humans are utilized in the industries and other business areas without the masters and the law applying and employing love as human beings are been employed in their industries, factories, farms, offices to name but a few. The resultant effect of this has been hatred between the masters and the labourers, wanton destruction and the spirit of the brotherhood of man is adversely thrown to the dust.

It is appalling to observe that the global family has not known the worth, works, values and virtues of love. This is why our desire to appreciate the wisdom of love appears minimal. This book is going to serve as an inspirator with the electrifying power of love and why love is important in our human and spiritual relationship. We must work to be paid and the payment must be with love, trust honesty and sincerity so that our labour will not be in vain.

It is on this note that one is placed at the proximity of truth which has it’s natural origin in love, to give the one world family this inspired work which is necessitated on the fact that globally works are done with anger, hatred, injustice and all these has affected universal balance and the growth processes in humans scientifically appears to be stunted. This is why labour and master relationship is critically infected with distrust, disrespect and wanton violation of ethical principles which has greatly supported and increased human degeneration against regeneration.

It is believed that millions of people globally that will come across this book will sincerely appreciate and apply the natural philosophy which is an exposition for all and sundry to adopt and accept that with love all works are easy.


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